Stakeholders help confirm priorities for Alexandria Green City Action Plan

Alexandria Governorate recently held the Green City Action Plan (GCAP) Second Stakeholder Workshop on the 29 January 2024. This event aimed to take stock of progress made, presenting the City’s baseline assessment and facilitate a discussion on the next stages of action plan development. The workshop included governorate officials, utility and public transport providers, private sector stakeholders as well as civil society members.


Challenges and opportunities including current projects were discussed, with highlights including integrating sustainable mobility into ongoing road projects as well as improving public transport connectivity. Water was also defined as a key issue with highlighted opportunities for integrating smart meters and upgrading the networks.


Since the launch of the GCAP in May 2023, climate resilience was identified as one of the priority areas for the City. The discussions highlighted the importance of integrating climate adaptation into the GCAP including flood early warning systems, integrating green spaces to mitigate climate change as well as coastal protection.


Lastly, a focus on industrial energy efficiency and synergies with the Alexandria Port were put forward as the City hosts some of the largest industrial areas in the country as well as two major ports.


The discussions were important for confirming priorities for the Action Plan, and defining Alexandria’s overarching Vision for green development, to form the basis for the GCAP in the next steps.

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