Public consultation on draft GCAP for Belgrade

The City of Belgrade has opened its public consultation of its draft Green City Action Plan (GCAP) and is inviting members of the public to inspect the content of the following four documents:


  • Draft Green City Action Plan (GCAP)
  • Draft Action Plan for Sustainable Climate and Energy (SECAP)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Report of the Green City Action Plan (GCAP)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Report of the Sustainable Climate and Energy Action Plan (SECAP)


Comments should be submitted to the City of Belgrade by 17 March 2021.


Belgrade is the first city in Serbia to complete the development of a Green City Action Plan. 16 Strategic Objectives have been set out to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges identified and the Green City Action Plan aims to help Belgrade address its environmental challenges through implementing 34 actions.


These actions aim to generate approximately 2.3 million tonnes CO2eq / year in carbon savings from the energy and transport sectors by 2030 and also to deliver social and economic benefits such as improved public health, gender equality, accessibility, education and access to finance.


The Belgrade GCAP and SECAP are generously funded by the Government of Japan.


Public consultation period: 24 February to 17 March 2021.

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