Bursa Green City Action Plan: Stakeholder survey launched

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality (BMM) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have launched a survey for local stakeholders and citizens to help prioritise the environmental challenges that should be the focus of its Green City Action Plan (GCAP). 


The GCAP will include detailed actions comprising of priority infrastructure investments and policy interventions that help Bursa address its environmental challenges and guide urban development along more sustainable and resilient pathways. The development of this GCAP is supported by the Clean Technology Fund, part of the Climate Investment Funds partnership.


The GCAP development process was launched on 29 May 2024, at an event attended by the Mayor of Bursa, Mustafa Bozbey and nearly 150 senior representatives from relevant ministries and BMM departments, private sector, non-governmental and academic organisations, and local media. Perspectives on key environmental challenges and sectoral performance were obtained from participants at a workshop following the launch event.


Building on the results of the Workshop, this survey aims to gather insights from a wider range of residents in Bursa on the most important environmental and infrastructure challenges in the city and will inform the baseline analysis of challenges in Bursa.


The survey consists of three sections with a total of 8 questions and is estimated to take 5 minutes for completion. Responses to this survey will not be personally identifiable and will be aggregated and anonymised prior to analysis.


Interested parties can complete the survey here. The survey is in Turkish and will be open for six weeks, until 9 August 2024.



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